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Guatemala, is the heart of the Mayan world. Alive, magical, mystical and ancestral. Its history goes back to four thousand years, when the Mayan civilization emerged, whose legacy remains today with the traditions and culture of its people.
Guatemala is a country of extraordinary cultural and natural richness and with a privileged geographical location. The distances from place to place are short, allowing you to visit several regions in the same trip...

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El Salvador

El Salvador, the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America, primarily attracts tourists who are interested in its black-sand beaches and surfing, and its vibrant nightlife.

El Salvador's tourism landscape differs from its Central American neighbors. Because of its geographical size and urbanization, there aren't many nature-themed tourist destinations such as eco-tours or archaeological monuments...

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White beaches fringed by the world's second-largest barrier reef, jungle-covered mountains cut by raftable white-water rivers and home to an astounding number of bird species, exquisite Maya ruins, colonial, cobblestone villages, fresh seafood grilled on the beach...

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Nicaragua is packed with marvelous attractions and features that make for a brilliant tourism industry. White sandy beaches, tropical forests, one of the biggest lakes in Latin America and stunning colonial cities all contribute to a great tourism experience. Nicaragua tourism excels because of its amazing diversity. Naturally, warm sea water all year round makes for great beaches holidays in Nicaragua. The stunning architecture of Nicaraguan cities will captivate old and young. Lakes, lagoons, forests and islands make Nicaragua into a paradise for outdoor lovers...

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica, located in the middle of America, has been and still is the favorite destination for those souls looking for peace, tranquility and security amid the insurmountable beauty of nature.

The reduced territory bound to the biodiversity, allows us to offer a wide range of attractions to our visitors. Costa Rica is much more than sun and beach. Those who visit our country discover a universe that easily one can live a totally different experience...

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Panama is world-famous for its 48-mile canal that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean. Each year, over a million people visit the canal and are able to witness this engineering marvel at work.

Three million years ago, the Isthmus of Panama emerged from the sea and changed the world forever. It divided an ocean and joined two continents together, triggering one of the most important natural evolution events in the history of the world...

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