Mayan World


Day 01: Arrival at La Aurora International Airport and transfer to Antigua City.
Day 02: In the morning we will visit the main historic monuments of the city, starting from the Main Plaza. Afterwards we head to the village of San Antonio Aguas Calientes, famous for its textiles and handicrafts. Then we continue to the Indigenous village of Santiago Zamora. Here you will learn about the Maya- Kaqchiquel culture and have the opportunity to interact with a group of women artisans called Ixoki’ aj Quiema’, who elaborate artisan products, mainly textiles using ancestral techniques.
Day 03: On the way to Lake Atitlán we will visit Iximché, an archaeological site located in the town of Tecpán. Iximché was the former capital of the Maya- Kaqchikel, place where in 1524 was founded Guatemala ́s first capital by the Spanish conqueror Pedro de Alvarado. After the visit we continue to Lake Atitlán.
Day 04: Board a private boat for a half day tour of the lake. We will visit the small town of San Juan La Laguna, famous for its coffee plantations and handmade traditional textiles. Back to Antigua.
Day 05: The colorful market in Chichicastenango (only Thursday or Sunday) attracts venders and buyers from the entire Highland region. Stroll through hundreds of stands and visit the Santo Thomas church. Back to Guatemala City.
Day 06: Morning visit to the National Archaeology and Ethnology Museum where you will find a vast collection of Maya artifacts. Afterwards we continue to the town of Copán Ruinas.
Day 07: Visit to one of the most impressive sites in the Maya World: Copán. Copán presents a sophisticated architectural style and a unique art for stone carving. Visit the plazas, complexes and monuments, as well as the Sculpture Museum with a replica of the Rosalila Temple.
Day 08: After leaving the Copán valley we will drive back to Guatemala and then continue to the site of Quiriguá. Declared by UNESCO “Cultural Heritage of Humankind”, in Quiriguá we will see the Stelae C carved in 776 AD. After the visit we continue to Flores.
Day 09: Morning visit of the most important archeological Mayan site in Guatemala. The Tikal site forms part of the 575 square kilometer National Park Tikal and is enclosed by vast and pristine rainforest. The jungle with a never-ending variety of trees, plants and wildlife is as impressive as the temples and sculptures. Afternoon transfer to the airport of Flores for domestic flight to Guatemala City.
Day 10: Private transfer to the airport in Guatemala City. Continue to your next destination or combine with other country of Central America.

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